22nd June 2020


We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of 5 beautiful babies from Kailani and Mango. They arrived into the world on Friday evening and are doing absolutely great. 


I will post photos of them soon.


21st June 2020


Things have been absolutely crazy here at EnchantedPaws, so sorry for the lack of updates. 


Mara's babies have now started to leave us for their new homes. We will have the pleasure of having the little tortie and white and choc and white boy for a little longer. The black tortie and white who will be called Tallulah is going to good friends of ours as a show and breeding queen and the choc bi colour boy is waiting for his little sister in our cinnamon litter to have had both of her vaccinations before they leave together. 


Bella's litter, Theas litter and Brits litter had their fist vaccinations and microchips on Saturday, three weeks until their second vaccs and then they can start to leave us for their new adventures too.



15th May 2020


Thea and Max's babies will be turning 4 weeks old on Sunday. The time with all of these litters has just flown by, it won't be long before some of them are leaving for their new homes.


2x longhair silver tabby girls

1x shorthair silver tabby boy


These guys are very advanced for their age and are already up exploring everywhere they can. They even had their first taste of solid food which they tucked straight into, we usually don't get kittens wanting solid food until they are about 4.5 - 5 weeks old.



14th May 2020


Bella and Zino's babies are 4 weeks old today, they already have huge characters and come waddle running towards me when I go in to see them. They love a cuddle and purr all the time too. We can't wait to watch them develop. they had their first try of solid food today, a mix of raw minced rabbit and goats milk. They absolutely loved it :)


We have names for these babies already:


Red and White Male - EnchantedPaws Red Rooster

Lilac Tortie Female - EnchantedPaws Suzie Q

Lilac Tortie and WhiteHarlequin Female - EnchantedPaws Ruby Tuesday



12th May 2020


Brit and Mango's beautiful four are 5 weeks old today. They have already been trying some solid food and seem to be enjoying it, at least it's giving their mummy a bit of a break. They have been running around our lounge like little lunatics and are already trying to climb our big cat tree king scratcher :)




4th May 2020


Thea and Max's babies are now just 2 weeks old, they have their eyes open and are so beautiful. I always have had a soft spot for silver tabbies, they are just like little humbugs when they are born.


We have two british longhair silver tabby girls and one british shorthair silver tabby boy.


The little boy is under observation at the moment but may be available in the future, one of the little girls is already reserved and the other little girl is currently on hold pending receiving a deposit.




4th May 2020


Bella x Zino's babies are already so alert and inquisitive considering they are only 2.5 weeks old. We are absolutely thrilled with Bella's first litter and the development of the little ones :)


Lilac and white (a couple of small areas of white - mainly lilac) - Female

Lilac tortie and white harlequin - Female 

Red and white Harlequin - Male


All these babies are under observation and not available to reserve.




3rd May 2020


Brit x Mango's kittens are 4 weeks old tomorrow. They have tried a little solid food already but still prefer mum's milk at the moment, it won't be long before they are loving their raw food :) 


Upon weanining we introduce a minced rabbit mixture with goats milk, it is paste like so that the babies can transistion easily onto it, gradually we add just the minced rabbit to thicken it and to remove the need for the goats milk. We do also when the kittens are slightly older give Eden dry biscuit (we leave a bowl down at all times).

We feel that the raw and dry mix gives the kittens the best possible start in life and they leave us happy and healthy.


All Brit's kittens are now reserved. 




3rd May 2020


We have been very busy here at EnchantedPaws with all of our new arrivals and growing little ones. 


Mara x Zino's babies are now 5.5 weeks old and are eating solids, mummy is having longer and longer away from their sharp little teeth and kitten games too, getting a much deserved rest. She is a fabulous mummy and we are always very proud of her babies. 

The choclate bi colour boy and chocolate bi colour girl both have wonderful homes lined up for them, the little black tortie and white female is going to be staying here at EnchantedPaws.


We have decided upon their Pedigree names now too:


EnchantedPaws Colonel Tom Moore

EnchantedPaws Amelia Earheart

EnchantedPaws Florence Nightingale




22nd April 2020


Here are a couple of photos taken on 19th April 2020 of Bella and Zino's babies - 3 days old... 


1x Lilac tortie harlequin Female (under observation)

1x Red and white Male (under observation)

1x Lilac/ Lilac Tortie (small splodge of white on her chin) Female (possibly available)



20th April 2020


It's been a busy few days/ nights here at EnchantedPaws, our final spring litters have now been born. Bella and Zino had three beautiful babies on 16th April 2020 and Thea and Max also had three beauties born in the early hours of 19th April 2020.Photos and updates will follow in the coming days.


Mara's three musketeers are now 3.5 weeks old and are now out of their birthing box and exploring. They recognise my voice now and all come tumbling towards the pen door when they hear me, purr and love affection. They are every so cute.





15th April 2020


Brit's babies are 8 days old today and are starting to open their eyes. It won't be long before they are up and waddling around. All four babies are doing great and have now found their forever families... we are observing one of the girls to potentially stay here at EnchantedPaws (depending on her devlopment she may become available at a later stage)




14th April 2020


Mara's babies are getting more and more adventurous and will soon be escaping from their birthing box. Mara has been taking a few breaks away from hungry mouths having had enough already so it won't be long before the kittens start weaning, even though they are not even yet 3 weeks old.





14th April 2020


Brit's litter are getting bigger by the day. Four gorgeous chunky week old monkies today.


1x cinnamon solid male (reserved)

3x cinnamon tortie females (one under observation to stay here, two reserved) 



9th April 2020


Brit's kittens are doing well, they all seem to be getting bigger and are happy and content with a very good mummy. She is ensuring they are very well fed, we have had to put her own food and water bowl into he birthing box as every time they make a squeak she is straight back to them. Having been able to look very quickly whilst she was out of the box doing her business we definately have three cinnamon torties (female) and one possible solid cinnamon, I have still not yet been able to sex them however. This will be updated in time.



Mara's babies are two weeks old today, time does fly when you're having fun. All three babies are gaining nice amounts of weight and all now have their eyes open.

They are already exploring their birthing box, crawling around all the time they are awake and not feeding. They will be up on their little paws tottering around before we know it, such a cute age in my opinion.

Our little chocolate Bi colour boy has already found a home, a lovely lady who lives on her own and wants some company and cuddles, she can hardly wait until he is 13 weeks old before he can leave us... We still have the two girls under observation for the time being.




7th April 2020


So we were right in thinking that Brit would soon be popping... we have had four beautiful babies born this evening. Mummy is being extra protective and whilst she has allowed me to check that everyone is ok she doesnt really want anyone touching her babies at the moment.

So as not to stress mummy Brit or her kittens we will allow her some much needed relaxation and bonding time with her newborns. Sexing of the kittens will be undertaken in the next few days/ week and we will post updates.




6th April 2020


Our other girls Brit, Thea and Bella, are still keeping us patiently waiting for new little babies, we thought that Brit would have had hers by now but she's still holding on and cooking them a bit more :) Thea and Bella's litters are due from around 14th April so about another week give or take and we should have some more new arrivals.


Mara's babies are gaining lots of weight and are absolute chubsters... 


We have now also been able to sex the three little ones and we have as follows:


1x Black tortie and white Female

1x Chocolate Bi-colour Female

1x Chocolate Bi-colour Male


Here are some recent photos of the babies taken yesterday at 9 Days old, their eyes are just starting to open (well the girls anyway)



27th March 2020


We are thrilled to announce the first babies here at EnchantedPaws born today, 27th March 2020 to Mara our black tortie female and Zino our chocolate Bi-colour male. 


We have three healthy babies..


1x Black Tortie and White

2x Chocolate Bi-colours


More updates and photos will follow in the upcoming weeks but now we will leave mummy and babies to rest and bond.


Check back soon for more updates.



March 2020


Having now been able to check which girlies are definitely pregnant we are very pleased to be able to confirm that we are expecting kittens from the following parents. We are very excited as it feels like its been ages since we had furry little paws running around.




Makdissy Brittany aka Brit


Mango Of Kotoffski aka Mango


We could expect babies in cinnamon, cinnamon tortie, fawn and fawn tortie, and the possibility of red boys.













Ter Heide's Qui Mara aka Mara


Ch Ter Heide's Zino - aka Zino


We could expect a variety of could expect a variety of colours from this mating. 


Chocolate, chocolate tortie, black, black tortie, and reds all with or without white.








Tigatails Enchantress - aka Thea


Ch Tempesta Silver Utah aka Max


We will expect all silver tabbies, with the possibility of long and short hairs.







Bella Elandrea aka Bella


Ch Ter Heide's Zino


This really will be a suprise colour litter for us. We could more or less expect every colour you can think of...

Chocolate, chocolate tortie, lilac, lilac tortie, red, cream, cinnamon, cinnamon tortie, fawn and fawn torties all with or without white.





February 2020


We are hoping that the following matings will soon be confirmed, meaning that our first babies of 2020 will be due around the end of March onwards


Ulla x Zino

We could expect a variety of colours, Lilac, Chocolate, lilac tortie, chocolate tortie all with or without white.


Belle x Max

We will expect all classic black silver tabby kittens with the possibility of longhair babies too.


Mara x Zino

We could expect a large variety of colours, Black, chocolate, black tortie, chocolate tortie all with or without white


Bella x Zino

We could expect a large variety of colours, reds, creams, chocolates, lilacs, cinnamon, fawn, torties of those colours all with white.


Thea - Max

We will expect all classic black silver tabbies with the possibility of longhair babies too.



Watch this space for pregnancies to be confirmed.




1st December 2019


All of our beautiful kittens have now found their loving forever homes and have left us. Our next litters will now not be until the beginning half of 2020. Please feel free to check back here for updates or drop us an email if you'd like to be added to our waiting list.


Wishing everyone a truly magical Christmas and New Year.





20th September 2019


We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our last litter of 2019, two gorgeous fluff balls were born on 25th August 2019 to our blue girly Blue and red stud boy Mango.


We have a blue boy and a black tortie girl



12th September 2019


Please feel free to check out our available page to see what kittens are still looking for their forever homes.



14th August 2019


Some updated photos of Mara's babies now 14 weeks old. Our red and white boy has already left for his new home, Russ has fallen in love with our black boy who is called Jack so he will be staying with us, but we have three babies still looking for their forever homes. Black tortie and white, black tortie and a black, all females.


13th August 2019


We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of three beautiful babies on 27th July 2019 to our Champion Hazel and Champion Zino. 


We have two red and white boys and a chocolate tortie female. 


30th July 2019


Luna and Max's kittens are now 13 weeks old. Our silver spotted male has already left to go to his new home and is now called Algy, we are keeping our silver spotted female who is called Fleur which leaves the two silver tabby brothers still looking for their forever homes. If you feel that you may be able to offer this wonderful pair a loving forever home please get in contact.





14th June 2019


EnchantedPaws Silver Moonbeam aka Winnie and Chichi Archiebald aka Archie's kittens are now 2 weeks old already, I just don't know where the time has gone,

Please get in touch if you feel you might be the perfect family for one of these babies.





13th June 2019


Mara and Zino's babies are now 5 weeks old and are absolutely fantastic. I've fallen in love with all of them and think we are going to have a hard time in saying goodbye to these monkey's. 




please check out our available page for kittens who are still waiting to be reserved. 



11th June 2019


Max and Thea's babies have started to leave us for their new homes. We have said goodbye to Enchantedpaws Miss Moppet, EnchantedPaws Miss Mittens and also our beautiful longhair girl EnchantedPaws Beatrix Potter.


The Charlson family who have adpoted Beatrix (i'm still awaiting an update on her pet name) also fell in love with the little red and white ticked girl from Mara's litter and so will be returning in August to collect her too. 


We are absoulutely thrilled with all of the homes that these babies have to call their own and know that they will be pampurred for the rest of their lives. 


EnchantedPaws tom kitten will be the last to leave us on Sunday 16th June, EnchantedPaws Tabitha Twitchit our other longhair girl is staying with us to hopefully do well on the show bench and to aid our breeding programme to introduce possibly a few more longhairs into the mix.





6th June 2019


Thea and Max's litter are coming up fro 12 weeks old on Monday 10th June and will be going for their second vaccinations and health check at the vets. They will soon start leaving us. They have been a truly fab litter and I would have been happy to keep any of them, I know that they have fantastic new homes to go to where their new slaves will dote on them as pampurred pets.

I can't wait to receive updates and photos of them growing and having fun.


Here are a couple of group photos of the babies playing in the outdoor pen yesterday evening





4th June 2019


Freya aka Diva Dionis gave birth to four stunning babies, all different colours. Daddy is our Zino aka Ter Heide's Zino.

We have:

One chocolate Bi Colour

One Lilac Bi Colour

One cinnamon and white Bi Colour

One Red and White Harlequin






1st June 2019


We are pleased to announce more safe arrivals at EnchantedPaws


Winnie aka EnchantedPaws Silver Moonbeam (silver tabby) and Archie aka Chichi Archiebald (silver spotted) have had five stunning silver spotted babies born on 30th May 2019. We had a bit of a shock following three babies being born on 30th May, thinking that was all and then on 31st May two more babies arriving. All are absolutely healthy however and are all looking getting nice and fat already.

All of these babies are yet to be reserved and due to several people pulling off of our waiting list we do not have anyone currently waiting. Please feel free to get in touch should you be interested.




28th May 2019


EnchantedPaws has well and truly been a busy place to be these last couple of months.


We are pleased to announce the arrivals of our much anticipated first coloured litters of 2019.


On 8th May 2019 -

From Mara our black tortie female and Zino our chocolate and white boy we had 5 beautiful kittens born. 

One red and white (believed to be a female)

One black tortie (female)

One black tortie and white (female)

Two black (one male one female)







On 21st May 2019 - 

From Willow our lilac female and Mango our red stud boy we had two kittens born.

One lilac possibly a longhair (thought to be male)

One chocolate/ possibly a cinnamon tortie (female)


Unfortuantely Willow did not take well to motherhood and as such did not want to feed her kittens. We have instead managed to intergrate them into our earlier litter and Mara is being surrogate mummy to willows two little ones who seem to be doing great so we'll keep our  fingers crossed. 





Mara's kittens born on 8th May 2019 - pictured here at just under 2 weeks old














21st May 2019


Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been a bit crazy here as kitten season is well and truly in full swing here at EnchantedPaws.


Thea's babies are now 9 weeks old and went for their first vaccinations and health checks on Monday 20th May. All passed with flying colours and were so good with only a few little cries when their microchips were injected... It is a rather large needle though.

We still have our lovely longhair female from this litter known as EnchantedPaws Beatrix Potter (pictured right) available to reserve for her loving forever home. Please do contact me if you feel you'd be the right family for her, she'll be ready to leave around 12th June 2019.






Luna's babies are now 3.5 weeks old and have left the kittening box and are walking around, even starting to climb too. They have shown some interest in mummies food and so i've started giving them a little royal canine kitten mousse which they seem to love... it won't be long before they're on solid food.


A photo of one of Luna's little ones - how cute are they. We have 3 boys and 1 girl all currently available as people on our waiting list have not got back to us or changed their minds. Drop me an email at enchanted-paws@hotmail.com if youre interested.











26th April 2019 


We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of 4 beautiful babies from Luna and Max. She has had 3 boys, two silver tabby and one silver spotted, and one silver spotty girl who will most likely be staying here with us.


The babies were born at good weights and Luna after a little encouragement is being a fab mummy. We will update further in the coming weeks and also add some photos too. 








Thea and Max's babies


Our gorgeous silver tabby babies are now 5 weeks old and are starting to eat solid food, we have 2 long hair kittens (2 females) and 3 shorthair kittens, (2 females and 1 male). I have already been in contact with their prospective new owners and hopefully new mummies and daddies will be visiting from this weekend onwards. Should their be any availability in the next few weeks I will be in touch with those next on our waiting list and also update here. 






Love is in the air for Mara our black tortie and Zino our chocolate and white boy. We are interested to see what colours this litter will bring us, Mara carries chocolate and obviously daddy is choc and white and he carries dilute and cinamon. We could therefore get choc torties, black torties, reds, black, chocolates all with or without white. here's hoping that we might get a tortie and white :)





We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting kittens towards the end of April from our stunning Luna and our champion Max. We could expect silver tabbby and spotty kittens along with the possibility of black smoke kittens and short and longhairs.





18th March 2019



We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of 5 beautiful silver tabby babies from Thea and Max - babies were born on Monday 18th march 2019 and are doing fantastically well. Thea is a brilliant mummy and needed hardly any help in delivery of the kittens nor since with feeding or cleaning.


We will be posting new photos very soon - watch this space. 


Unfortuantely one of our first time mum's pregnancies did not go to plan and she encountered complications meaning that she lost her three kittens. She is thankfully ok and is happily recovering indoors being pampurred and getting lots of treats. 





Love is in the air and we are hopefully expecting kittens in May from this gorgeous pair.

Mango - aka Mango of Kotoffski and

Willow - aka Layra Okean Udachi

We could expect a variety of colours (Lilac, lilac tortie, chocolate, chocolate tortie, red, cream, cinnamon, cinnamon tortie, fawn and fawn tortie)




14th February 2019 - Valentines Day


Our little fluff balls are nearly 12 weeks old and have now all been reserved by lovely new families who are very excited to be collecting them from 22nd February 2019.

The babies have their second vaccinations and health check on Monday, I am sure they will get lots more cuddles from the vet and vet nurses just like last time. 

We will soon be putting together their kitten packs and getting them ready to leave. We'll miss having these little rascals running around but are expecting a couple of other litters in March/ April and so will once again have our hands full.




17th January 2019


Our kittens are now 7 weeks old and are starting to cause a lot of mischief. They are extremely playful and escape even from the vertically extended floor pen, so we have decided that when we let them out they can just have the entire run of our lounge now.


Belle their mummy is looking fantastic considering she has not long given birth, and is still being very attentive. 


Three of our little ones have now been reserved, all shorthair, we have just our super cute longhair baby still available. If you feel that you could offer him a purrfect home please contact me by email enchanted-paws@hotmail.com, telling me a little about you and the home you can offer. He is the biggest cuddle monster going and purrs the instant you touch him. 



We will be expecting another litter of silver tabbies around the end of March, with possibly two more litters from our home bred girls Elsie and Winnie in early summer 2019. 


We'll also be expecting some exciting coloured litters this year too, with lilacs, chocolates, red, creams, bi colours and tortie kittens possible.

Please contact me by email to express your interest and to join our waiting list - the next kittens will be expected around March/ April 





20th December 2018


Our babies are almost 4 weeks old and are starting to play fight, explore and climb things. They recognise our voices now and even come walking towards us when we say hello. You can definitely tell the difference between the kittens now, each has their own personality and also looks... it is especially easy to tell apart longhair, as he grows he gets ever more fluffy.  


We have 3 lucky new families lined up to come and view these special babies sometime in January 2019, but do still have one available cutie waiting for his forever family to reserve him. 


If you think you might be able to give one of our special lads a purrfect home where he wil be spoiled rotten please get in touch by email enchanted-paws@hotmail.com



13th December 2018

Our beautiful babies are now nearly 3 weeks old and are now starting to walk and expore their surroundings. Mummy Belle is still doing a fantastic job of looking after them and all four chunky monkeys are now huge for their age.

We can't wait for them to get a little bigger when the real playtime will start (just in time for Christmas)

We still have two little cuties from this litter waiting to be reserved. Contact me on enchanted-paws@hotmail.com for more information or take a look at our kitten details page.










24th November 2018

We are very excited to announce the safe arrival of Belle and Max's litter of beautiful kittens. We have 4 gorgeous silver tabbies. 

More updates will follow shortly. 


Belle was a complete natural and is being a fantastic mummy.
















31st October 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we are looking forward to another litter of silver tabby babies. 

Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah and Belle - aka Fannie Irabell are expecting.

Kittens should be due around end November/ Early December 2018.








Our beautiful babies have left for their new homes now having had their course of vaccinations, two vet checks and lots and lots of love and cuddles from our whole family. 

Two boys have gone together - they are called Buzz and Fidget

The two girls are staying with us and are called Elsie and Winnie and the last remaining baby boy has gone to a wonderful lady who is going to dote upon him.

we couldn't be happier with their new loving homes and will hopefully receive some lovely updates in the future.





Our litte bundles of cuteness are now nearly 6 weeks old and will shortly have their new families visiting and their first trip to the vets.


We are hoping to have our next litter of silver tabbies around the beginning of October 2018. If you would be interested in giving one of our future babies a forever home please first read our kitten page and then feel free to email me at enchanted-paws@hotmail.com telling me a little about you and your family. 


Check back here for further updates......






4th July 2018


Enchanted Paws are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of 5 beautiful silver tabby kittens from Thea and Max, the babies started arriving from around 12:15 in the afternoon on Saturday 30th June 2018, with the last arriving at 3:20pm. 

Thea was an absolute natural only needing the most minimal help.



All babies are continuing to gain weight nicely each day, Thea is being such a brilliant mum considering it's her first time. She is very attentive and gentle making sure each of her kittens receives the care it needs. 


Keep checking back here for more updates as the kittens grow and for more photos of the cute bundles of fluff. 

We'll be expecting even more little paws from Luna and Max at the end of July - we are going to have our hands full!





Love is in the air!!



23rd May 2018

We are pleased to announce that Thea - aka Tigatails Enchantress and Max - aka CHAMPION (TICA) Tempesta Silver Utah are expecting their first litter of silver tabby kittens. 

We should be able to expect the pitter patter of tiny little paws around the end of June/ beginning of July 2018. Keep checking back here for updates on when our little babies arrive.








We are hoping to have two litters of silver tabbies/ spotties around the end July/ beginning of August 2018. If you would be interested in giving one of our babies a forever home please first read our kitten page and then feel free to email me at enchanted-paws@hotmail.com telling me a little about you and your family. 


Check back here for further updates......