Reading, Holland, Maidstone and Doncaster TICA shows (March through end of April 2020)


Unfortunately it has been confirmed by TICA headoffice over in America that due to the Corona Virus and the possibility of spreading the disease at larger functions/ gatherings, that all TICA shows worldwide have been cancelled until at the very minimum the end of the current show season, which is the end of April 2020.


Whilst this is most dissappointing for all of us given how enjoyable the shows are, and that Margot's last kitten show would have been Reading, we believe that this is the best possible decision that can be made to help eliminate the escalation of the virus and numbers catching it.


We now have a minimum of 6 weeks without cat shows which allows us to focus on our breeding plans and cats at home. We do have kittens due imminently and through April which will be very exciting given we haven't has the pitter patter of tiny paws since November last year. Watch this space and also our nursery pages for more information on kittens born/ available.


Stay safe and healthy everyone!!



Ath, Belgium Tica Show - 29th Feb/ 1st March


We were back home for not even 3 days before departing again for this show... This hobby definitely is very expensive, but so worth it when you see your cats do well and also when you get to spend quality time with good friends.


We again took just the two babies with us, Diego and Margot.


Diego only managed to gain one final placing 10th this weekend, definitely a huge difference from last weekend - you win some you lose some though is our motto.


Margot however again did us extremely proud, gaining 8 finals over the weekend, again with very tough competition. This has allowed her to move higher up in the regional winning standings with still one show left for her before she turns an adult.


Reading here we come, but first a few weeks off of relaxation.


Holzminden, Germany TICA show -  21st/ 22nd February 2020


This was the first time travelling so far away for a TICA show for us. We left on Thursday afternoon, drove to Oberhausen which took us from our door to the door of the hotel just over 7 hours with a very brief toilet stop. 

On Friday morning after a much needed rest we left Oberhausen and departed for Hoxter where our hotel for the weekend was.

We arrived in Hoxter at around 1pm, went and got something to eat and explored the beautiful town and then relaxed in the spa and pool.


The show - well what can we say... I think this was our best show yet.


We took Diego our lilac boy and Margot our choc tortie and white longhair kitten.


Diego managed to gain 7 finals out of a possible 12 over the weekend, against some of the best cats in the world, including a first best cat placing which (subject to TICA confirmation) makes him SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION. A huge thanks goes to Nicki Fenwick Raven for awarding him the first best, and second best on Sunday. 


Margot our homebred girl made us the proudest parents ever, gaining 11 out of 12 finals over the weekend and completely surpassing all of our wildest dreams. This has enabled her to obtain a regional win this year as a kitten which we are absolutely thrilled about.


Next week we're back over in Europe to attend the Ath, Belgium show - watch this space :)




Doncaster Tica Show - 15th/ 16th February 2020


We had a couple of weeks off of showing before travelling up to Doncaster this weekend.


We took Diego our lilac boy and Margot our choc tortie and white longhair kitten, there was a huge class of british longhair kittens both Saturday and even more on Sunday, and also a very nice class of British shorthair adults that we were competing against. 


Margot did us proud and as she holds our own prefix EnchantedPaws Margot Robbie, we are over the moon with her results. She gained five finals over the weekend placing as follows: 4th, 5th, two 6th's and one 9th.This has given her a good amount of points and she is getting closer to being in with a chance of a regional kitten win this year which would be amazing.


Diego was pipped to the first spot in most of the rings over the weekend by an amazing blue tortie and white female who had been imported from Germany. He did however still manage to gain two finals with Allen Walbrun an american judge placing 4th both on Saturday and on Sunday... again these finals gave him very good points and have pushed him closer to being best british cat in our region/ UK this year.


No rest for the wicked though, we're off to Germany (Holzminden) tica show next weekend and Belgium (Ath) the weekend following that... :)





Paris PetShow - Paris 25th/ 26th January 2020


Our very first time showing in France, 3.5 hours from calais eurotunnel and only 20minutes from the Eiffel Tower we were right in the center of Paris.


The pet show was a hige eye opener, the majority of the dog section was breeders selling puppies, there were numerous kittens for sale too along with reptiles, guinea pigs, dogs for adoption and lots of stalls selling everything that a pet could ever want.


The show was very busy but very enjoyable. We took Diego and Margot with us.


Diego managed 3 finals over the weekend placing 4th best, 5th best and 9th best cat out of huge counts and against amazing competition.

He did enjoy exploring one of the vendor stalls with climbing frames and bridges (see photo below)


Margot also managed to gain one final placing 4th best kitten. 




LondonCats - Sandown Park Esher 10/11/12th January 2020


This was a super crazy show... three days, held over Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday with an amazing amoungt of public present showing their love for the cats.


We heard lots of times that Max our silver tabby boy and Diego our chunky lilac lad were the favourites and they received lots of cuddles and attention which they both loved. We also had with us our little longhair kitten Margot who took everything in her stride and Hazel her mum.


Diego managed to bag himself 3 finals over the weekend against extremely tough competition and some of the top placing cats in the world who are campaigning for regional and international wins, so we were super proud of our boy. He managed an 8th, a 9th best allbreed cat on the saturday and another 9th all breed cat on the sunday.




Cats and Tulips - Asperen Holland 4/5th Jan 2020


We attended the cats and tulips show at the beginning of January 2020, this is a lovely friendly show and we were able to try Olibollen a sort of doughnut with fruit in and prosecco to celebrate the New year.


We took three of our fur babies with us, Diego our lilac male, Jack our black kitten and Margot our choc tortie longhair (her debut show),


We had a fantastic weekend with friends and also managed several finals with all of our furballs.


Diego did us proud gaining 3 finals one 5th best in the male congress, one 6th best all breed and one 9th best allbreed. There were two other lovely British boys against him and we all took some finals between us which was nice.


This was Jack's last kitten show - he managed 4 finals placing high in all of them. two 2nds, one 3rd and one 5th best kitten.


Margot took everything in her stride at her very first show, she travelled well although a little noisy and loved the hotel bed for the weekend. She also did us proud and gained 4 finals too, one 2nd, one 5th, one 7th and one 8th best kitten.


We can't wait for the next Cats and Tulip's show in April :)




Please accept our apologies for the lack of updates over the past few months, we have been extremely busy. We have attended several shows and done very well with our big softy Diego and our home bred boy Black Jacks who is still being shown as a kitten at the moment. He will be added to our studs page shortly.


Check out our available page for our newest additions and babies that are looking for their forever homes.



LondonCats - Tobacco Dock London - 4/ 5th May 2019

A nice local show to us for once, only a 30minute drive from home :)


We took five with us... 

Max aka Tempesta Silver Utah our silver tabby boy (adult)

Spice aka EnchantedPaws Pumpkin Spice - our hombred red ticked girl (kitten)

Kailani aka Makdissy Kailani of EnchantedPaws - our blue tortie and white female (adult)

Diego aka Diego from Finimmy's - our lilac boy (kitten)

Hazel aka Xija Elandrea - our lilac tortie and white female (adult)


We had a fantastic show, it was absolutely crazy with the amount of public attending on both days but they absolutely adored our cats, especially Max and Diego who had a years worth of cuddles i'm sure on both days.


Diego and I even had a TV interview for a foreign Youtube or similar channel.


We gained finals as follows:


Max - gained one final on Saturday placing 9th Best shorthair

Hazel - gained one final on Saturday placing 10th best cat

Kailani - gaind 5 finals over the weekend, making her a new CHAMPION, just one short of Grand Champ on her first ever show

Spice - had very tough competition including from our kitten diego and so did not gain any finals but did get best in colour in all her rings.

Diego - was the star of the show, he gained 10 finals over the weekend, placing high with a good number of 2nds and 3rds, he also went on to win best in show kitten on Saturday just being pipped to the post for overall best of the best in show by our dear friends Ian and Yvette's gorgeous exotic shorthair Jiminy Cricket who very much deserved it.


We were absolutely thrilled by our results and couldnt have asked for the cats to behave better than they did considering how many people were there, wanting to stoke them and cuddle them. We spoke to lots of the public, answering all manner of questions and hopefully will be hearing from some of them for lovely homes for our kittens in the future. 




Now we're off to Cornwall for a few days peace and relaxation - kittens due soon, check back for updates :)






Telford, Holland - Asperen and Belgium - Halle TICA shows April 2019


The last shows of the show season were in April 2019. The first being Telford, we booked to attend both days (saturday and Sunday) with Ulla our choc tortie, she didn't final on Saturday and unfortunately due to some personal circumstances we had to leave early and so didn't get to show on the Sunday. 


Next was the Holland show in Asperen, I hadn't planned on going to this show but my wonderful fiance booked it along with a long weekend away as a suprise for me. I only found out thats where we were going on the friday when we left home at 6am and Russ packed not only our suitcase into the car but two cats and their pens too. We took Ulla and Zino 
(our choc and white boy).


Zino gained one final in the male congress on Saturday, but due to extreme competition Ulla nor Zino gained anything else. It was a fab weekend however meeting friends old and new including Zino and Ulla's breeders who turned up to wish us good luck. We spent a few extra days in Holland with the kids, exploring the local area and visiting a fantastic Zoo on the Monday where we got to see giant pandas which was awesome.


Last but by no means least we departed just 3 days after returning home from Holland to travel to Halle in Belgium for our very last show of the season. We'd booked a lovely little hotel local to the show hall along with some of our friends and the weather was absolutely glorious. 

Whilst again we didn't gain any finals on Saturday due to the 4th best cat in the world (a british shorthair) being shown we had a bundle of laughs and fun with our friends from the UK and Europe and enjoyed cheering on their cats. Only by luck did the breeder of our competition state she would not be attending the show on the Sunday meaning that we were at last in with a chance of gaining a few finals to place Ulla - our choc tortie girl first best british shorthair in our region. We ended up walking away with 4 finals out of 6, two 10the best allbreed cat, one 9th best allbreed cat and one 5th best shorthair cat. 

We stayed for one more night and our dear friends Yvette and Ian decided also to change their homeward bound plans to celebrate with us. We had a lovely italian meal, amazing food, lots of laughter and fun before heading home on Monday about lunctime.


We have had a truly amazing year showing and can't wait to see what the next season, which starts in May, will bring. 



9th and 10th March 2019


Following on from our sucessful visit to LondonCats in January we have been to a couple of other shows, one TICA show in Doncaster (February) and one GCCF show 23rd February 2019)


Ulla our chocolate tortie princess continued to do well at the TICA Doncaster show and then also became Champion at GCCF on 23rd February 2019.


We attended TICA Ware show this weekend taking Ulla to see if we could achieve Supreme with her, and our newest boy all the way from Belgium - Diego from Frinnimy's who is just 4 months old.


We are absolutely thrilled to confirm that Ulla should (subject to TICA confirmation) be known as Supreme Grand Champion Ter Heide's Ulla as she gained her much needed first best cat in the female congress class on Saturday 9th March 2019. I couldn't be there unfortunately but Russ said it was absolutely fantastic and the beautiful rosette we gained is a wonderful reminder of just how well she has done at only 14 months old. Ulla will be taken out to the last remaining shows of this TICA showing season in April to possibly gain a regional win along with her Supreme title and then she will be retired from the show bench to hopefully have some fantastic babies to follow in her pawprints.


Our Diego also did fantastically well gaining 8 finals over the weekend including a best kitten against very tough competition. We were praised by lots of the judges as to his potential and so we cannot wait to watch him grow.





5th and 6th January 2019

TICA LondonCats show - Leatherhead


The first show of 2019 and the busiest. This marks a whole year since our very first TICA show at LondonCats Leatherhead in 2018. 

Can you believe how crazy we were - we took six cats.... it nearly killed us running them to and from the rings.

We took:

Max - aka Champion Tempesta Silver Utah

Ulla - aka Ter Heide's Ulla

Albert - aka Makdissy Albert Einstein

Hazel - aka Champion Xija Elandrea

Rosie - aka Champion Scarlett Rose Dolly-Ditta

Inca - aka Makdissy Inca


We were pleased with our results, the British shorthair adult class was made up of 17 cats which is almost unheard of, there are never this may British being shown at the same time. This made for some very tough competition. 


Our Max gained a 2nd and 3rd best of breed but unfortunately did not make any further finals to aid with him becoming Grand Champ, Ulla gained one final coming 6th best all breed cat out of a count of 67 cats and the star of the show at only 9 months old was our imposter to the family - our devon rex female Rosie - who also gained one final coming 8th best cat again out of 67 cats. She did fantastically well to beat two other devon rex's to the final, one boy in particular who had the most amazing coat. She is now a Champion.


We did however need several days to catch up on a well earned rest. 

















13th December 2018

We travelled to Coventry on 8th and 9th December to attend the TICA Spoticat show and Christmas Party. 

We took our beuatiful Ulla - Ter Heide's Ulla and Hazel - Xija Elandrea and we are absolutely overwhelmed and proud of what they both achieved.


We are proud to announce that subject to TICA confirmation Ulla should now be known as Quadruple Grand Champion Ter Heide's Ulla. She gained 4 finals over the weekend, two first best cats out of 45 and 55 on Sat and Sun retrospectively, one 4th best cat and one 7th best cat.


Hazel should now be called Champion Xija Elandrea subject to TICA confirmation, she gained three finals over the weekend, again two first best cats out of 45 and 55 on Sat and Sun retrospectively and one 6th best cat in the female congress final.


To say we are proud of our babies is an understatement. We can't wait to now try and achieve Supreme status with our Ulla which is the highest title acheievable in TICA UK.






6th December 2018


Due to some personal circumstances and my fiance being very unwell I haven't had the chance to update the wesbite for a few months.


I'm pleased to announce that Zino our choc and white boy is now Champion with Tica, Ulla our chocolate tortie is now Grand Champion and we have continued to have great results at the shows all throughout the summer and now into the Autumn.


We attended a Fife show with Max and Ulla on Sunday 2nd December in Essex, both were nominated for best in show, Max ended up gaining Best in variety section Male, Ulla beat him to go on and win Best in show section adult, just beaten to overall best in show section by a beautiful burmese.


We are hoping for more good results this weekend, attending the TICA coventry show and Christmas party. Watch This space.


24th November 2018


We would like to welcome 4 new gorgeous bundles of silver tabby fluff to the EnchantedPaws family. Born in the early hours of this morning to our beautiful Belle and Max.



2nd and 3rd June 2018 - VanTica and Fife (Tica Show)


We travelled up to Ware, Hertfordshire for the weekend TICA and FiFe joint show. We took Zino, Ulla who were being shown and Albert just for fun.


Zino - aka Ter Heide's Zino

Did as well as can be expected against very tough competition, unfortunately he didn't make it into any finals this weekend with TICA

He did however make it into theb best in show nominations with FiFe on Sunday. This was his first ever FiFe show and was nominated for best in show by one of the judges, he was unfortunately pipped at the post by our beautiful Ulla but did gain best in show Junior cat. 


Ulla - aka Ter Heide's Ulla

She again did as well as can be expected against another tough class of lovely shorthair kittens, she made it into one kitten final with TICA.

We also entered Ulla into the FiFe show on Sunday, all the judges loved her even giving her kisses on the head. She too was nominated for best in show category kitten. She was judged against another larger cinnamon boy/ our own Zino and a large black british longhair boy and beat all of them. She then went on to win overall best kitten in show and came 2nd overall best in show - we were super proud considering there was well over 100 cats there.




12th and 13th May 2018 - LondonCats (TICA Show)


This weekend we attended another TICA show- We took Zino, Ulla and Max


Zino - aka Ter Heide's Zino

Gained Best of colour and Best of Division in all of his adult rings on both Saturday and Sunday.

He gained two second best of breeds and one second best of breed

Unfortuantely due to very tough competition he did not make it into any finals - we are still very proud of our gorgeous boy though and considering he is only 8 months old know he is going to be a huge boy :)


Ulla - aka Ter Heide's Ulla

Gained mostly 3rd best of Colour and 3rd best of division but did manage to get into three all breed kittens finals coming in at 4th best once and 5th best twice.


Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah

Max was shown in the adult classes - now 1 year old, he had a lot of competition from larger more developed males but still managed to gain Best of Colour and Best of Division in all his rings on both Saturday and Sunday

And a  3rd Best of Breed on Saturday and Sunday again out of fantastic competition.





20th April 2018


Having just returned from holiday in Turkey, where we greatly enjoyed some much needed relaxation, we travelled back out of the country to Belgium to collect our newest additions to the family.


We will forever be greatful to our wonderful friends Kurt and Anoeska from Belgium for entrusting us with two more babies to aid our breeding programme and have the pleasure in welcoming Ter Heide's Ulla aka Ulla- a chocolate tortie female and Ter Heide's Zino aka Zino a chocolate and white bi colour male.


We hope that they will do us proud at some up coming shows.


We also have the pleasure in welcoming a new silver tabby female - Fannie Irabell aka Belle who will hopefully bring some much needed size back into the silver tabby british breed, she has a wonderful cobby body, nice rounded cheeks and head and small well set ears. We can't wait to see what babies she has when she is old enough. We would like to thank her breeder Irina for allowing us to give Belle a fantastic home here inthe UK.




14th April 2018 - Essex Cat Club Show

​Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah


1st BOB (Best of Breed)

1st in his breed class

1st in both his side classes

(one side class out of 7 cats and the other out of 9 cats)


​My mum and dad kindly agree to take Max, aka Tempesta Silver Utah to this cat show as we were away on holiday after several rough weeks. We were thrilled when my mum called us from the UK to say that Max had had a red card day, winning all of his classes and side classes. He also gained his first CC towards his GCCF Champion title.

We are very proud of our boy, we heard that he had been very chilled throughout the whole day, taking everything in his stride.

​We can't wait for him to achieve his other two CC's when he will have then reached his champion status with the GCCF too.

Sadly no photos of on the day but this is one of him at home chilling :)




31st March 2018


Due to a few personal circumstances we have had to miss the last couple of shows that we had been hoping to attend with our lovely fur babies. We sadly lost my dear nan, who was 94, on 5th March 2018 and then my fiance suffered, what they believe to be, several strokes over the last few weeks meaning he has been in and out of hospital. This as i'm sure you can understand has been a particularly scary time and has meant that we've had to focus more on us and our family, taking a bit of a break from showing for a little while.


I'm glad to say that my fiance now seems to be feeling a lot better, but has still got to undergo further investigations and tests. We are however hoping to go away on holiday next week for a well needed rest to hopefully aid with his recovery.


My mum and dad will hopefully be taking Max out to the GCCF Essex Cat club show in Swanley on 14th April whilst I am on holiday, then, when we're back, we'll be attending a weekend TICA show at the end of April where we hope to continue our previous successes.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our followers a very Happy Easter.





10th and 11th March 2018 - Swindon (TICA Show)


We had to travel quite a distance for this show and decided that we would stay in a nearby hotel for the weekend to save extremely early mornings and lots of miles in the car.


We decided to take Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah, Luna - aka Tigatails Cherry Bakewell, both in the adult classes and then Mara - aka Ter Heide's Qui'Mara who would still be shown as a kitten.


Luna - managed to gain one third best of breed over the weekend

Mara - gained two all breed cat finals 


but the star of the show for us was our Max - Max gained best of colour and best of division in all of his rings and then after what was an extremely long day also gained two all breed cat finals (one of Saturday and one on Sunday) he came 7th Best cat on Saturday and 9th best cat on Sunday.


This means that he should now be known as Champion Tempesta Silver Utah - at just over 10 months old.




6th and 7th January 2018 - LondonCats (TICA SHOW)


This weekend we attended our first TICA show- We are still getting used to how they work, they are very different to GCCF shows and very much a hands on experience.

As we took all three of our fur babies it was rather manic to say the least, but all the other exhibitors were so helpful and kind in giving us pointers. What is really lovely about TICA shows is that you get to watch your cats be judged. 


Luna - aka Tigatails Cherry Bakewell

Gained Best of colour and Best of Division in most of her kitten rings on both Saturday and Sunday.

She gained two best of breeds on Saturday and two best of breeds on Sunday along with a few 2nds and 3rds too

She then went on to be called up into one All-breed kitten final on Saturday coming 7th out of 47 kittens

And one All-breed final on Sunday coming 9th out of 49 kittens.


Thea - aka Tigatails Enchantress

Gained best of colour and Best of Division in all of her kitten rings on both Saturday and Sunday

She also gained one 3rd Best of breed on Sunday


Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah

Max was shown in the adult classes as he turned 8 months old on 1st January​ so he had a lot of competition from larger more developed males and females but still did very well in our opinion.

​Gained Best of Colour and Best of Division in all his rings on both Saturday and Sunday

He also gained a 2nd Best of Breed on Saturday in one of his rings - out of fantastic competition

and a 3rd Best of Breed on Sunday again out of fantastic competition.


He earned enough points to become Champion this weekend but just needed to be entered into one final to be able to claim this title. Hopefully the next show we go to he'll have filled out a bit more and he might be lucky enough to be entered into an All-breed final!! 








9th December 2017 - National Cat Show

​Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah


1st in his breed class


and the Mayors Special Award


This stunning boy did us proud today. We returned to the show hall to find that he had won his breed class, BOB and also been awarded the Mayors Special Award. We were intially unsure what the Mayrs Special Award was but were soon informed that the Mayor was expected to be at the cat show for 20 minutes, instead was there for 2 hours. She was given one rosette to give to her cat of choice, she deliberated long and hard and it came down to our two silver tabbies, Max and Thea, with her finally awarding the beautiful rosette to Max - out of 220 cats!!!

This really was the icing on the cake to a fantastic day. 






9th December 2017 - National Cat Show

Thea - aka Tigatails Enchantress


1st in her breed class

2nd in a side class

3rd in a side class


Thea did very well again at the National Cat Show, there was a lot of competition in her side classes so we are very proud of the results she achieved.

The Mayor very much liked her too, with her only just losing out to the Special Mayors Award to Max. 











25th November 2017 - Chinchilla, Silver Tabby and Smoke Cat Club

Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah



1st in his breed class

2nd in his side class


Max still looking very chilled out - only a small show but the judges (four of them) had to deliberate for quite a while, i'm told, to decide who out of Max and Thea should win BOB... Thea just pipped him to the top spot again but we're still very proud of our lovely boy.













25th November 2017 - Chinchilla, Silver Tabby and Smoke Cat Club 

Thea - aka Tigatails Enchantress


1st in her main class

A 1st and a 2nd in her side classes

and BOB awarded


Only a very small show but it was still lovely to catch up with old friends and make several new ones too :)

As mentioned above, the judges deliberated over Max and Thea for quite a while to decide who to give the BOB award to, and our gorgous girly beat Max again. Thea definitely enjoyed all the cuddles and attention.








21st October 2017 - Kentish Cat Society Show

Thea - aka Tigatails Enchantress


1st in her main class,

2nd In a side class,

and wins BOB


We can't be happier with this gorgeous girls results, at her first ever show too. We can't wait to take her out later this year for another couple of kitten classes before she'll be judged as an adult from 9 months early next year.









21st October 2017 - Kentish Cat Society

Max - aka Tempesta Silver Utah


1st in his main class

2nd in one side class

3rd in his other side class


We are very proud of our lovely boy, just like Thea this was his first show too and he took everything in his stride. We hope to get Max out a few more times as a kitten this year and then will be showing him as an adult from early next year.