All of our kittens are born and lovingly raised indoors until they are ready to leave us, they will be well socialised with every day occurrences including our other cats, our rabbit Matty, and my partners children, Morgan, Mazie and Lilly. They will also be accustomed to every day noises including the TV, washing machine and vacuum cleaner, before they leave us for their next big adventures with you.

Our kittens don't leave us until they are 12/ 13 weeks of age, as recommended by the GCCF and TICA. They will have had both sets of vaccinations and check ups with our vet and will come with a clean bill of health. We vaccinate against Cat Flu, Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia, they will also have been precautionary flea and worm treated. 

We microchip all of our kittens prior to them leaving us, we believe this to be very important encase your beloved pet should ever get lost, you stand more chance of them being returned to you with a microchip than you do without one.


They will also have a four generation GCCF or TICA pedigree and four weeks free pet insurance. We would highly recommend that you continue your insurance cover after the initial free period as vet bills for even every day things can work out very expensive - trust us!!

Our main aim is to breed happy, heathy pedigree kittens who are well socialised and extra cuddly. We put a lot of love and effort into raising our babies and as such want only the most purrfect homes for them to spend the rest of their lives, preferably as pampered lap cats. Our price is reflective of the amount of love and care that goes into raising each of the kittens along with the cost for the highest quality foods, toys and most recent research on vaccinations that our kittens are given.​

We ask anyone who is interested in being owned by one of our kittens to first send us an email explaining a little bit about you, your family, where you live and any other pets that you have. This will allow us to get an idea of where our little ones will be going. I can also, at this time, answer any questions that you might have about me or our kitties.

First visits take place from around 5 weeks old, sometimes later depending on each litter, we will usually have been in contact before this time to discuss availability and to send photos and updates and you may have already placed a kitten on hold or reserved them. In order ro reserve a kitten we ask for a deposit of £250.00 which can be paid by bank transfer or in cash, we can discuss this with you at the time of reservation.


The remaining balance of the kitten is then due at the time of collection.


Unless staying with us, all kittens will be registered with the GCCF or TICA as non-active, and sold as pets only.

This does not mean that you cannot show your kitten/ cat and if we believe that one of our kittens is of show quality we will let you know. We'd love to see them out on the show bench flying the flag high for 'EnchantedPaws'.

We will happily provide you with any help and guidance you need in order for you to enter and show your babies too.

We love to receive updates and photos of our kittens/ cats in their new homes, no matter how old they are, it is always nice to see how well they are doing and to hear that you are still enjoying them as part of your family.

HOME TIME - 12/ 13 Weeks

When your kitten/s are ready to leave us at 12/ 13 weeks old we will arrange with you a convenient collection date and time.

Along with everything mentioned above your kittens will also leave with:

Vaccination record card from the vets

Microchip record

Four generation pedigree

Registration certificate - this is what you'll need to transfer the kitten into your ownership and name via GCCF or TICA

Sample bag of dry food

Selection of toys

When coming to collect your kitten you should bring with you a suitable cat/ pet carrier and a blanket so that your new kittens can travel home safely. 

Should you ever need any help or guidance with anything kitten/ cat related in the future we are always here to help​