All of our spring 2020 babies have now been born and are either reserved or under observation by us to hopefully stay here. We will post updates in the nursery if you'd like to follow their development .


If you are still looking for your purrfect kitten we will hopefully be due further litters around the end of June/ beginning of July and then further into the autumn, if you would like to be added to our waiting list please kindly send me an email to enchanted-paws@hotmail.com telling me a bit about you, your family and any other pets that you may have. This allows us to ensure the best possible homes for our kittens.

4th May 2020

Bella x Zino Litter - 2 weeks old

Born 16th April 2020


Lilac tortie Female - Under Observation to possibly stay here


Lilac tortie and white harlequin Female - Under Observation to possibly stay here


Red and white Harlequin Male - Under Observation by a close breeder friend

27th April 2020

Brit x Mango Litter - 3 weeks old

Born 7th April 2020


Cinnamon Solid boy - Reserved


Cinnamon Tortie Girl - Reserved


Cinnamon Tortie Girl - Reserved


Cinnamon Tortie Girl - Reserved

22nd April 2020

Mara x Zino Litter - 3.5 weeks old

Born 26th March 2020


Choc bi colour boy - Reserved


Choc bi colour girl - Reserved


Black Tortie girl - Reserved

14th April 2020


We now have two beautiful litters as you may have seen on our nursery pages, we are in the process of contacting those people who have been patiently anticipating arrivals from our waiting list. Should there still be available kittens after contacting everyone they will be updated here with photos.


Mara's litter will be 3 weeks old on Thursday 

Brit's litter are one week old today.

27th March 2020


We are pleased to announce the first babies here at EnchantedPaws for 2020, Mara and Zino are the proud parents of 3 beauties a black tortie and white and two chocolate bi-colours. Please check out our nursery page for more information in the next few weeks. We will only update this page when the kittens are slightly older and if they are availabl.


Thank you to all the wonderful people of have given a loving forever home to one or more of our kittens this year, our next litters will not now be until March/ April 2020.


Watch this space.